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Bikini Girl hot Video NORTH KOREAN TROOPS-NORTH KOREAN TROOPS(20 Jul 1951) Story 23, NORTH KOREAN TROOPS, 242 MID 5147, b/w, mute

07:05:45: Brief shot of North Korean soldiers – men and women – dancing.

07:05:56: North Korean troops ( well fed and clothed ) with artillery (howitzer). Three soldiers salute. Troops marching in long coats, fur hats.

07:06:22: Group of North Korean troops, singing (posed for photograph?) around Maxim heavy machine gun (?).

07:06:36: Troops cleaning weapons in snowy conditions. Very brief shot of loading a 120mm howitzer 07:07:03: Cleaning weapons [repeated]. Loading and firing 120mm howitzer.

07:07:24: Soldiers run across snowy ditch – battle mock-up. Soldiers lying on the ground digging foxholes as others set up a Maxim MG. Column of soldiers walking along road, officers take salute. Soldiers firing heavy machine gun. Group of North Koreans singing and looking into the camera. Soldiers firing light machine gun. Gun crew lying alongside Maxim heavy machine gun [these last few scenes – very brief]. 07:08:44 out

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